Gold Label Perlite 70/30


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Gold Label Perlite 70/30 coco – perlite mix is a premium mix for horticulture – hydroponic substrate with outstanding drainage features .

Gold Label Coco (70%) and Perlite (30%) is a very porous and light inert substrate that combines tremendous air volume with great water retention and capillary action. The 3-6 mm perlite granules reduce shrinkage of the mixture and contribute to a stable and open structure. Made out of the finest and cleanest raw coco coir available on the market.

All flushing and buffering processes take place in the Netherlands. Pre-charged with slow release calcium and natural trace elements. Guaranteed both low salts and low heavy metal contents!

Coco/Perlite 70/30 is a suitable mix for ebb & flow and automated irrigation systems and less affected by aids and micro-organisms.


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